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"Prepared for Birth" Classes
What event in life is more important than the birth of your baby? 

You are doing so much to prepare to welcome this new little person in the happiest and healthiest way possible.  Attending childbirth classes is an important part of that preparation and one which will help fill your toolbox with priceless information, confidence, and skills for giving birth and parenting.
These classes are designed to help you feel ready for the challenge and joy of birthing your baby with mind & body, heart & soul. 
What topics will we cover in these classes?

The following is a brief summary of topics. Your needs and questions will also drive the class discussion!

Class One: What happens during birth? Is birth all about pain? Will I be able to cope?
Class Two: The phases of labor. The importance of position and movement. Choosing and communicating with your maternity care provider.
Class Three: Understanding what the evidence tells us about common interventions. How to make choices about your care. Using affirmations and visualization. Doulas.
Class Four: All about pushing. Protecting your perineum. What happens immediately after birth? Using fear as a tool.
Class Five: Putting it all together. How might labor go? Building a birth plan.  Practicing coping mechanisms.
Class Six: Postpartum procedures. Breastfeeding.  Mental health. Community resources.

As a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, I teach a class strongly based on the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices and also draw on other birth philosophies in order to provide a unique, holistic approach.

Are these classes only for those who are planning a natural birth?
No matter what kind of birth you may hope to have, being informed about what to expect, how your body works, your care options, and the safest and healthiest choices for you and your baby is essential. Knowledge is power!
When should I take this series?
The best time to start the series is when you are between 20 and 33 weeks pregnant. That way, you'll have time to attend all 6 classes before your baby arrives and the information you learn will still be fresh in your mind when your baby and body are ready for birth.

Can I bring my partner with me to class?
Yes!  Partners are not only allowed, they are encouraged to attend with you!  The curriculum is designed to help partners feel prepared to be a meaningful part of the team. Past students have brought spouses, life partners, sisters, mothers, friends, or their doulas along as class partners. If a partner is unable to attend with you, you may let me know so I can assist you in having the support you need.

Registration is currently open for:

January 6-February 10, 2019
(Sundays 2-4:30 pm)

February 24-March 31
(Sundays 2-4:30 pm)

Class space is limited to allow for individualized attention and connection.
Where: Mama's Hip, 1559 Bardstown Road, Louisville
Cost: $175 (includes 6 classes, workbook, handouts and supplies for the expectant person and a partner).  You may pay either the full fee or a $50 deposit to hold your spot in class. Payment options include PayPal, cash, or check.
**If cost is an issue, please contact me to discuss your options.**

Crystal & Aaron, Prepared for Birth graduates, daughter born 11/2013 had this to say about their experience with Prepared for Birth classes: "We were quite nervous to start the process of learning about birth but you made it fun, easy, and exciting!  After taking the class, Aaron and I both feel empowered, confident, and ready.  That's something no one can take away from us."
Your spot in class will only be held for you after deposit has been paid.  Deposit or full payment may be made via PayPal in the registration form or by check.  Contact me for check payment information.