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Healthy Pregnancy Consultations
This class is best suited to parents who are less than 20 weeks pregnant (or preparing for conception).  If you are further along, the information in my  Prepared for Birth series is more suited to your needs.
Topics include:
-Pregnancy as an opportunity to incorporate new health habits and self-care into your lifestyle
-Is this normal?: Physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual changes during pregnancy
-Feeling your best through pregnancy and birth
-How do I choose a prenatal and birth care provider? (Or, how do I know if my current one is a good fit for me?)
-Understanding common tests and procedures available to you and how you can be an informed birth-care consumer
-Doulas: who, what, when, where, how, and why?
-Making use of valuable community resources throughout your pregnancy and as a parent
-And more...

When: Currently available as private consultation by appointment only. Contact me to schedule. 

To learn more about this class, check out the Dandelion Birth Blog.

Cost: $55 (includes handouts, topic outline, and time for discussion of individual questions and concerns, for the pregnant person and a partner)

Consultation for other pregnancy, birth, or postpartum issues is also available at an hourly fee.  Contact me for more information.


Registration Instructions:
To schedule your appointment, please contact me using the info below.