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Prepared for Birth 6 week Series

This 6 week series will fill your toolbox with all the knowledge and confidence you need to enjoy a satisfying birth. 

Class will be held at Tree of Life Family Birth Center. Masks covering nose and mouth will be required for all attending. Social distancing and sanitizing protocols will be in place for the safety of all participants. Classes may be moved to virtual at my discretion if personal or community risk for viral transmission is high.

Registration and full fee are required to hold your spot. $175 fee covers space and materials for the pregnant person and a partner.

Here's a brief summary of just some of the topics we'll cover in this fun, interactive series:

Class One: What happens during birth and can I handle it? Tips for labor partners.

Class Two: The phases of labor. Relief through position and movement. Choosing and communicating with your care team.

Class Three: Understanding and using the evidence about common interventions to make choices about your care. Affirmations and visualization.

Class Four: Pushing. Protecting your perineum. What happens immediately after birth? Using fear as a tool.

Class Five: Putting it all together. Building a birth plan. Practicing coping mechanisms.

Class Six: Postpartum procedures. Breastfeeding. Mental health. Community resources.

The following 2023 sessions are currently open for registration:

A note from Jenny Claire: Thank you for your interest in my classes. Due to a loss in my family, I am taking a break from teaching until further notice. I will update the class schedule when I feel ready again to provide the quality of childbirth education that families deserve in preparing to welcome a new little one. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy and birth! 

Prepared Again Childbirth Refresher Class

For folks who've given birth before and would like reminders on the "basics". A great way to focus on connecting with *this* pregnancy while you prepare to add to your family. We'll cover labor flow, interventions and decision making, and comfort techniques, as well as whatever specific questions you have. Registration and payment are required to hold your spot. $100 fee covers space, materials, and dinner for the pregnant person and a partner for both weeks of this 2-week series.

Registration is currently open for: 

No 2022 dates scheduled. Please contact me for additional information about refresher classes.

Pregnancy Connection Circle and Birth Art Night

Safe, intimate spaces designed to bring expectant folks together for a time of deep connection with self, baby, and the group. Learn more on the linked blog post or by contacting me directly or following me on Facebook.

Pregnancy Connection Circle is a 4-week group gathering. This special space was created when I was expecting my 5th baby and craved a way to feel more grounded and engaged. Past circles have been full of magic and have opened the way for enduring friendships. $100 fee covers programming, materials, and dinner.

Birth Art Nights are an invitation to let creative energy and love flow. We'll craft affirmation cards, labyrinths, and more as time allows. Suggested love offering of $5-15 covers space, materials, and light snacks.

Registration is currently open for:

Pregnancy Connection Circle: No 2022 dates scheduled yet. Stay tuned!

Birth Art Nights: No 2022 dates scheduled yet. Stay tuned!

Birth Story Listening Sessions and Birth Trauma Healing Workshop

Sometimes the events surrounding our birth can bring up feelings (good and bad) that we aren't sure what to do with. I offer support for processing your birth story through one on one listening sessions and group healing workshops.

The Birth Trauma Healing workshop (formerly called Unpacking Your Birth Baggage) is a day-long gathering with lunch provided. We'll use several tools to begin the process of working through the feelings you have about your birth story that may be holding you back or causing you to suffer when you remember the day. You'll take these first steps on the path to healing with a small, intimate group and the fee also covers ongoing support via a private Facebook group. Read more about past workshops here.

Cost includes lunch, snacks, and supplies: $75

Birth Story Listening sessions are for anyone who feels the need to honor their birth with dedicated space and rituals for processing, celebrating, and possibly grieving the intense moments of this major life transition. Contact me directly to schedule.

Registration is currently open for:

Healing from Birth Trauma Workshop Stay tuned for 2022 dates or schedule an individual session.

Classes, Workshops, and other spaces for growth and connection...


Space for classes and workshops is limited to allow for personal connection and safe space. Deposit is required to hold your space.  Contact me with further questions. 


Kind words from a Prepared for Birth "graduate":

My husband and I really appreciated and benefited from Jenny Claire's expertise and open-mindedness. I struggle with anxiety and ... her classes really put me at ease. She created a friendly environment in which everyone felt free to ask questions, and she made sure to cover everything, even addressing difficult topics to ensure we would be prepared for any eventuality. Jenny Claire’s classes came highly recommended by the two doulas I met, and I am so glad I followed their advice. -F.K.

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