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Doula​ Services

Support for pregnancy, labor, and beyond

Doula support may change your birth outcome, but the most vital benefit is that it can change your birth satisfaction! I became a doula after experiencing for myself what a difference it made for me.  Having someone to hold safe space and advocate for my choices allowed me to just be present in my labor and enjoy the ride!  As your doula, I may be doing anything from guiding your breathing to massaging your back to suggesting positions to offering ideas to your other support team members on how to best help you.  I may be quietly sitting with you or cheering you on!  I may be reminding you of your own strengths and skills or I may be leading you forward if you feel you can't go on. Doula support comes in a thousand different ways, and my experience and intuition help me to find the best way to serve YOU.

Am I a good fit for your team?
Contact me to schedule a time to interview.  During this meeting we can discuss your questions and hopes for your birth.  There are many factors that go into choosing the right doula for you.  In my years of experience, the factor I've found most important is your comfort level when you're in your doula's presence.  Do you feel like you "click", like you're heard and understood, like you are safe and supported? 

In addition to a meeting, if you would like to talk to past clients, I can provide a list of references. Many happy clients can tell you the benefits of having a doula on their team!

I support pregnant people planning for any sort of birth: home, hospital, or birth center; unmedicated or epidural; vaginal or cesarean.

The Details

In order to give the best care to my clients (and also to my family and other prenatal and postpartum work), I limit my service to one doula client per month.  It's never too soon to choose your doula, and it's never too late!  I've had clients hire me the day after a positive pregnancy test and clients hire me after their water broke! 

My fee of $1400 includes a prenatal visit in your home to develop your birth plan and build our connection, my presence during your labor and for 1-2 hours after birth to help with your initial bonding and feeding, and access to me for information and support from the time the contract is signed until 12 weeks postpartum. I also provide free weekly support at my Postpartum Group.

For a separate fee, I can also provide Postpartum Doula services in your home on a limited basis.  Contact me for more information or to schedule.

(Beautiful birth photos featuring me at work shared by the families and by photographer Jana Glass.)

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